May 17, 2017

Knowing the temperature remotely: ThermoPeanut or Mother?

It is a question that we are often asked. How can I know the temperature of a given place remotely? For example, how do I know if it is too hot or too cold at home when I am on a holiday elsewhere?

ThermoPeanut connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. It is a simple solution, a useful and an affordable one. However for you to know the current temperature, your smartphone needs to be close to your ThermoPeanut.

Mother and its Motion Cookies are a more advanced solution that allows you to know everything, to watch and monitor even remotely. Mother is plugged to your WiFi router (through Ethernet). The Motion Cookies are sensors you can place everywhere in order to monitor temperature, among other things. The Cookies connect to Mother (the hub) in order to transfer their data to the Cloud. With the Pocket Mother App, you can watch your home temperature and be alerted wherever you are. Mother is an exhaustive smart home solution.

We designed a solution for every kind of need.

Smart Wireless Thermometer
Place it anywhere and check the temperature on your smartphone.
Mother knows everything
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