May 26, 2017

How ThermoPeanut saved my kids' life!

Her name is Mathilde and she tends to be quite a drama queen. We still do love her a lot and her story is a true one.

Last week, we introduced the SensePeanuts to Futur en Seine, a tech fair in Paris. During an afternoon of the event, an enthusiastic lady approached our booth. 
« You saved my kids’ life! », she said right away. We know our SensePeanuts are really practical, but we did not think they could go that far. Her name is Mathilde and this is what she shared with us:

« A couple of weeks ago, I came back from a long week-end with my kids. There was nothing in the fridge so I opened the freezer to find something for dinner. I was surprised to see a thin layer of frost on the boxes inside it. I had put a ThermoPeanut in the freezer a few months ago so I had a look at the temperature history on my phone. I discovered that about 12 hours ago, the temperature had abnormally rose after a power cut. It came back to normal a few hours later. There had been a break in the cold chain, leading to a defrosting and a refreezing of the food. I preferred throwing away everything that was in there rather than giving to my children something that may have poisoned them. »

Mathilde gave a warm hug to the ones on the booth when she visited us.

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