Jun 8, 2017

SleepPeanut saved my marriage

How one of SleepPeanut’s features helped Philip to solve a continuous conflict with his spouse.

Story by Philip, the cousin of one of our team members:

« I like waking up really early in the morning because it allows me to do a lot more. That’s why I generally put my alarm at 5 o’clock in the morning, every day. When it rang, my wife, who wakes up at a more normal time, was not happy about it at all. It often was a quarrel topic. She was threatening me to sleep separately. That was before SleepPeanut reached our bed.

Beyond its other features, the most important one for me is its discreet alarm clock. SleepPeanut produces a sound that can only be heard on my side of the bed, hence by myself. I can now wake up at dawn without bothering my wife. We love each other again really deeply.

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