Jun 12, 2017

How I preserved the health of my food allergic child and saved money at the same time

Sue and Caroline, both parents of food allergic kids, gathered to put together the solutions they found to make their family life easier.

Parents with kids suffering from food allergies need to be cautious and creative when it comes to their child health. Epinephrine injectors in particular need to be kept at a certain average temperature. Caring and storing such shots can become challenging on a daily basis. Lab recommendations insist on keeping Epipens between 15ºC and 30ºC (59ºF to 86ºF) and can sometimes provide you with a case to carry your units around.

Nothing can give you an idea of how warm or cold the direct environment of your Epipen has been over time. Sue and Caroline discovered ThermoPeanut and found in it a nice way to carry easily a small thermometer with your Epipen. You can have a look of its temperature over time which helps finding out if the Epipen is still good to use or to throw away.

The sensor is Bluetooth connected to your smartphone through the SensePeanut app. If the measured temperature drops or goes beyond the high/low limit you set, you will receive a notification alert and the sensor rings.

You can check Sue and Caroline’s review and podcast here.

Important: please note ThermoPeanut is not a medical device.

Smart Wireless Thermometer
Place it anywhere and check the temperature on your smartphone.