Jun 21, 2017

I was caught off guard and got my $20,000 camera stolen

Thomas is a cameraman for a TV channel. We met him while talking about the coverage of the SensePeanuts he had just made. He told us about his misadventure.

« One day, I was going home from a TV coverage by train. I had placed my camera in the luggage rack on top of my seat in order to keep an eye on it. It is a professional camera that is worth over $20,000. The carriage I was in was not really full. While the train was stopped at a station, a man came to me asking for help to put his luggage down, a few rows away. This only took a couple of minutes, but when I came back to my seat, I realized my camera bag was gone. I think the man who had asked me for help was only trying to distract my attention while the thief was taking my camera. »

If Thomas had had an anti-theft alarm like GuardPeanut attached to his camera bag, an alarm sound would have immediately rang when the thief would have tried to take the item. This would have alerted Thomas and most likely make the robber run away.

We gave Thomas a GuardPeanut to watch his new camera.

Smart Anti-Theft Alarm
The motion detector that watches over your belongings and alerts you when they are moved.