Jun 28, 2017

Happy Independence Day USA!

4 reasons why the SensePeanuts are your best companions on July 4th

The Fourth of July will be on a Tuesday this year, which means many of you may be having a long week-end ahead.

Gatherings, fireworks and barbecues are in the air but is not there something missing? Spending the day outside is a great option with the current weather, so we would like you to make the best of this holiday.

Here are 4 reasons why the SensePeanuts are your best companions on July 4th :

  1. 🔥  There is no way you are going to get a sunburn in this heat (unless you are from Alaska, then in this case I am sorry for the rain). Skin cancer is not an option so make sure you have some sunscreen on and a ThermoPeanut to keep an eye on the day heat.

  2. 👀  Meeting up with friends often means having your stuff mixed up with theirs, ending up not knowing where your bag, your wallet or your keys are. All you need to avoid that is sticking a GuardPeanut on the item you want to watch. Make it ring from your phone for you to find your stuff wherever they are.

  3. 🎆  When going to the park to watch the fireworks, it can be hard knowing how fresh your food and drinks have been in the cooler. Get an alarm when someone forgets to put the lid back on and check if the sushis you brought are still edible.

  4. 😴  Last but not least, getting up for work on the next day might be a little tough… SleepPeanut can help by waking you up during your lightest sleeping cycle in the morning. You can get some rest and wake up when it suits your body best.

May the 4th be with you and bonne fête de l'indépendance! 🎉

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