Jul 3, 2017

How ThermoPeanut allowed me to analyze the functioning of my heat pump

This is a testimony we received from Franck. We have found his use of ThermoPeanut really interesting and wanted to share it with you all as he allowed us to do so.

« I have a pool and I decided to invest in a heat pump in order to warm the water and make the most of it during the summer. Plugging the heat pump on the pool electrical circuit is complicated since one must pay attention to interactions with the hydraulic pump too. Once I put it on, I wanted to check everything was working well. The heat pump is supposed to be working from midnight to midday but it was often off in the morning.

This is when I learned about ThermoPeanut and I told myself I could use it to measure the temperature variations in the heat pump shed and thus analyze its functioning. As the heat pump generates a lot of condensation, I put ThermoPeanut in a small plastic bag in order to avoid its components to be damaged by water (ThermoPeanut is not waterproof).

I put ThermoPeanut on the heat pump. After a few days, I connected to the sensor and exported my data through the CSV file. This is how I got to know that the heat pump was doing 45-minute cycles, followed by a defrosting period of about 15 minutes and this goes on for 8 hours. In addition to this, the warmer it is, the shorter the heat pump works as the water of the pool reaches its threshold faster.

Thanks to ThermoPeanut, I am guaranteed my heat pump works as planned and on top of that I can estimate its energy consumption! »

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