Jul 27, 2017

How SleepPeanut helped me become a professional gamer (yes, it is a thing)

🎮 🎮 Geek post alert 🎮 🎮

When pursuing the path leading to becoming a ProGamer, your lifestyle habits must change accordingly in order for you to spend the maximum of your time training. None of us are robots though and sleeping is an important component of maintaining you alive (in case you did not know, you are welcome).

You need to learn how to sleep as less as possible, but in a very efficient way so that you are not always feeling tired. I got a SleepPeanut in order to adapt my body clock to my new sleeping habits smoothly. All I had to do is set up the time I go to bed and the one I wake up at.

SleepPeanut adjusts automatically to my sleep and is able to wake me up during the lightest sleeping cycle in the morning. I feel much fresher once up and can keep up with my training rhythm without having to cope with the usual fatigue. It has also impact my gaming performances so I am quite glad to have this sensor around.

I know you do not care about most I was talking about but it is okay, sharing is caring and I am a nice person. Well at least I like to think so.

« Stay away, you guys. I overslept, and I have to save the Princess! »
– Mario in Mario Kart (before starting to use SleepPeanut)

Mario™ is a trademark of Nintendo Corporation.

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